No Corners

18th Anniversary Show

26 February 2018 – 25 March 2018  |  Daily 11am – 7pm, Sundays open

Ali Akbar Mehta | Anwar | Arunanshu Chowdhury | Arzan Khambatta |  Bharti Pitre | Brinda Miller | Chippa Sudhakar | Debasish Dutta | Fawad Tamakanat | Heeral Trivedi | Ingrid Pitzer | Jaideep Mehrotra | Jayasri Burman | Kalpana Shah | Kisalay Vora | Michelle Poonawalla | Mehul Rathod | Milburn Cherian | Nupur Kundu | Pradeep Kamble | Paresh Maity | Ratan Saha | Ratnadeep Adivrekar | Ravi Mandlik | Rini Dhumal | Samir Mondal | Sandesh Khule | Sanjay Kumar | Seema Kohli | Shiffali Wadhawan | Shuvaprasanna | Sudhir Patwardhan | Suhas Bahulkar | Sujata Bajaj | Suryaprakash | Vipul Prajapati | Yashwant Deshmukh

No Corners is an abstract thought of no limits. A journey that is undertaken with absolute freedom and with the power of our imagination being our sole companion. Why restrain this boundless fluidity of motion with any corners when it can instead be smoothly flowing? A smooth constant creation of art merging into the wall and the mind of the viewer simultaneously.

Corners are comfortable. It charts out familiar territory, it represents geometric shapes that we all know and love – squares, rectangles and triangles. But what if there were no corners, no meeting points or limitations, just a continuous boundary that encompasses all?

It is in art that we have the ability to experiment, to break boundaries, to think literally ‘out of the box’ and defy all traditions, conventions and rules.

It is in art that we can truly find freedom.

This was the thought 18 years ago, and this is the thought even today.

Sanjana Shah (February 2018)

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