24 September – 27 October 2017  |  Daily 11am – 7pm, Sundays open

‘There is no abstract art. You must always start with something. Afterward you can remove all traces of reality.’ –  Pablo Picasso

Art is a “reflection” of its surrounding culture. A face of modern culture where the shiny new objects that reflect life around it, epitomising the industrial culture of gadgets and instant gratification. Metallics reflect everything surrounding them and deflect any allusions to the Artist’s interior.

Creating a work of art that will be physically different for every person looking at it?

There are no “laws of beauty” involved. One is prompted to think about the nature of art, of looking at art, of humanity, of our times, of ourselves.

I think we owe every work of art as much thoughtful and empathic attention as we can afford to give it. Hasty dismissal deprives us of aesthetic experiences.

The immense reflective surface are like minds, in the sense that the mind observes the universe, and models it. We approach art not for worship, but for catharsis; not to see something else, but to see ourselves.

These paintings return to us the world as visualised by our childlike selves: mutable, sparking with potential, fluid in form.

– Jaideep Mehrotra

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