10 – 31 January 2017  |  Daily 11am – 7pm, Sundays open

Drawing upon history, myths and literature each narrative creates rhetoric of the transition between time and reality, depicted with an honesty that is obvious to the eye. Arunanshu Chowdhury works his images to have multiple connotations, and, it is not only what one sees or believes he is seeing but also what he knows, that creates the visual narrative in his paintings. Morphed images transform reality into a playground of storytelling, reinstating the artist’s conscious preoccupation with the representation of truth in the most ingenuous form, through an expanding visual oeuvre. This cross grafting of the perception and the actual identity of a character creates a new story.

Each work presents as travel between time zones, where the images of cultural iconography conjure up an account hovering between reality and the truth. Perception involves the reception of an assortment of a myriad of symbols, icons and meandering of a selective configuration of visual imagery. The varied motifs and symbols can be readily associated with the known, yet on a second glance, another image pops up and adds another dimension to the story.

The very removal of subjects from their original contexts and then relocating them in an unexpected scenario acts as another layer of mystery of a puzzle waiting to be solved. This has been a dominant factor in Arunanshu’s art practice. In the painting ‘Sheer layers uncover the truth’ a sequence of actions unfold at the same time. Greek men working , the depiction of Buddhist Goddesses , a Greek olive tree among auto rickshaws; cars and rockets come together to portray the need to move with times. Keeping one hand on the historical and another grasping with the modern, this visual depicts the artist’s necessity to reestablish history and its relevance in this volatile age of constant change.

The unpredictable and our dependence on it, is the soul to the entire body of this show. In the artists’ world of contrasts; the historical takes on the futurist and the current, the rural the urban, the myth the truth , and then theses all merge together perfectly in their juxtapositioning. Arunanshu uses the power of visual images to ignite imaginations, evoke emotions and capture universal cultural truths and dynamics in his work. These works take us on a journey, if one is ready to travel.

– Arati Desai

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