Tao Art Gallery’s 17th Anniversary Show

1 – 31 March 2017  |  Daily 11am – 7pm, Sundays open

Participating Artists
Anwar • Arunanshu Chowdhury • Arzan Khambatta • Baiju Parthan • Bhagwan Chavan • Brinda Miller • C Jagdish
Fawad Tamakanat • Heeral Trivedi • Ingrid Pitzer • Jagdish Chander • Jaideep Mehrotra • Jayasri Burman
Jogen Chowdhury • Kalpana Shah • Krishnamachari Bose • Manu Parekh • Nupur Kundu • Paresh Maity
Ratan Saha • Ravi Mandlik • Rini Dhumal • Samir Mondal • Seema Kohli• Senaka Senanayake • Smita Mandlik
Sohan Qadri • Sujata Bajaj • Sunil Padwal • Velu Viswanathan • Vijay Shinde • Yashwant Deshmukh • Yusuf

‘The Silence isn’t Silent

It is a thousand thoughts rising around with a multitude of tendrils moving towards me.

It is the simultaneous multi-tasking of thinking, feeling, analysing, comparing – all in a heartbeat of seemingly prolonged quiet.

The mind is a web that has many different interconnected paths. Our silences inspect these paths and let our souls run up and down each one, trying to decide the best path for us. The silence is like the tremor felt below a calm surface; the silence is the peace before a storm – deceiving and complex. Each path leads to another in what seems like a maze of all possible human deliberations, desires, feelings and fears.

The next time I sit in silence, know that my silence is a deception. I am a thousand people in that moment, doing a variety of possible things, carrying out scores of tasks and deciding how to feel at the end of it all. Oh, what a wonder the human mind is!

The silence isn’t silent, it is anything but.’

– Sanjana Shah

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