Recent works by Somenath Maity

Preview: Tuesday 18, June 2013 Exhibition continues till 2, July 2013  |  Daily 11am – 7pm, Sundays Open

“In a big city, I feel the vibration of an abstraction, and the colors Red, Blue, Brown, Black and Olive Green comes alive in a meaningful way.”

Somenath Maity an artist of urban environments and cultures. Called avant-garde and unconventional for his landscapes, this artist’s favourite occupation is to find the inner beauty that exists in every big city and that most people don’t see or bother to look for, and then express it in his abstract oils on canvas. Maity builds up his paintings, all aptly titled “structure”, one brush stroke at a time, almost as an architect would work on a blueprint for a building. 
Maity’s colors and textures are strong, bringing to the forefront the life of the urban sprawls that he paints, and investing them with a force that works beyond the life of their inhabitants, keeping them ticking no matter who comes or goes lives or dies.

According to Somenath “Structures is his expression of cityscapes in semi-abstract form. Mainly it comprises of play between colour and spaces.”

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