04 – 23 January 2018  |  Daily 11am – 7pm, Sundays open

In a linear perspective drawing – ‘Vanishing Point’ or point of convergence, is the spot on the horizon line to which receding parallel lines diminish. With this new body of work, it is self-evident that the artist in me plays around with a basic tool-bar of painterly options, interlaced with an underlying architectural theme.

Clearly, my paintings with their conscious denial of strict form, and their preoccupation with colour, can now be perceived as restless cityscapes.

These recent works can be interpreted as a relatively new phase in my art, wherein my preoccupations are now based on principles of architectural abstraction – through vestigial lines, angles, arcs, ellipses, and via other geometric devices. The forms continue to exercise a structural agency – primarily that of a metaphorical scaffolding that supports the many layered hues, and their countering tonalities.

There is a certain happy restlessness that causes me to work on my canvasses. In confrontation with all that I behold, I aim to strike a balance between leading a busy life in the city that I love, and my quest for self- fulfilment from the various activities that I partake in. My multi-tasking is reflected in the way that I paint – in multiple and complex layers.

Needless to say, my art imitates my life.


January 2018

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