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Blending Impastos by Anwar

(9 – 16 November 2016 )


Me and My World - Various Artists

Our world consists of our individual journey, an individual perception of sorts, but yet coupled with our environment and interactions with others. Neither can survive without the other. It seems fundamental to our human nature to be curious and reflective, some more than others. Every thought, outlook, inclination, or expression, stems from something experienced, either internally or externally, in the years gone by. It is but natural for it all to permeate within us to form a beautifully complicated melee. However, these experiences are subtly cloaked from us, hidden in the Pandora’s box of our mind, and can be opened only through creativity. Art is one such medium of absolute expression with joyous abandon, a dance of devotion, a song of strife, a chance glimpse into each person’s life. The world as you see it may be vastly different from my vision of the world, but live in the same world we do and art can be our synergy. Let us come together and see the magic of art as it connects worlds, bridges perceptions and combines creativity to form a uniform definition of ‘Me and My World’.

– Sanjana Shah

(20 Sept – 15 Oct 2016

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Abstract Stories - Various Artists

The unpredictability of nature, the erraticism of emotion, the uncontrollable whirlwinds of human hope, desire and release…how can one define this? It is indefinable, unknown, only felt and expressed in whatever way one knows.

Hopes painted on a canvas like the colours of the sun brightening the sky uniquely each day…

Desires expressed like droplets of color mixing on a palette, one into another, merging seamlessly like a river with the ocean…

Emotions emitted with each scribble, each stroke, each wash, and each smear…

Embodying you…embodying yours, who knows the truth? Only you…but who can define it? Not even you.

True beauty lies not in what one sees, nor in what one knows or what one understands…it is the ambiguous, the obscure that forever captivates us. For that is what resembles life most closely…that is what can truly mirror us: the abstract being.

- Sanjana Shah

(1 – 31 July 2016)


Scape and Scope - 16th Anniversary Show

Today’s world has become increasingly global and international. This globalization has led to the formation of multiple ‘clone cities’ that feature the typical characteristics of a developed city. These clone cities however, have made us forget the value of each unique city. The cityscape that surrounds us is vital in the development of the scope of our lives and can act as an eminent source of inspiration. Perhaps, technically speaking, a city has to be perfectly organized and meticulous in order to be counted amongst the best cities in the world. However in reality, the character of any city lies in its imperfection, in the chaos of its markets, the variations of its streets and the multitude of lives within each home.

The show, ‘Scape and Scope’ is an attempt to reiterate the importance of the cityscape in shaping our perspectives and personalities. The relationship between a city and its inhabitants is an interdependent one because not only does the city impact the lives of its inhabitants but the inhabitants also give the city the irreplaceable character it has. Bombay for example, is made up of a varying group of people with multi-ethnicities, multi-beliefs and multi-desires. These differences are what come together to make a city with a spirited, intricate and unpredictable character.

Through this show we invite artists to come and give us a glimpse into their perspective of the scape and scope of a place. It could be any place: a small town close to their hearts or a big city that has widened their horizons. It is time that we appreciate and acknowledge the role that landscapes play in making us who we are.

– Sanjana Shah

(9 – 25 February 2016)

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