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Words of Silence

When we look at any work of art we try to understand it through words, these words are in turn provoked by the images we are looking at. These are silent words that are provoked during an interactive dialogue with the work of art. Just like this, all images are continuously being translated in to words and all words signal an image. This relationship between words and images are ever lasting and synergistic. The manner in which these interpretations are inspired in the mind, almost effortlessly, is the beauty of any work of art. It stimulates a language to understand, to make a relationship with the unknown. This is an unfolding of the mystery created by an artist. 

In this group exhibition there are painters, printmakers, sculptors, ceramists and some installation artists too. Zarina Hashmi is well known for her search through the memory of lines and forms of her lost paradise i.e. her home. Contrastingly, Sheetal Gattani's wanderings are always with a sense of surprise, allowing the viewer to explore the tones and its delicate variations in their own way. Sharad Sonkusale and Nitish Bhattacharjje play with a more geometric and organic approach towards forms. Divya Patwa works with animals and creating awareness through her bold and practical expression, while on the other hand Durgaprasad bandi is more concerned with shaking the existing image of the world around him. Despite the show being so varied in concepts and mediums, all of the works communicate something personal to the viewer. Each takeaway, interpretation and understanding is different. Through this show we invite people to come and communicate with the art through the eternally important Words of Silence. 

(Saturday, 20th April - Friday, 10th May)


The Allure of India

Miniature Paintings - Company Style

Dutch, French & British East India Companies

The exhibition, The Allure of Indiaby Dr. Seema Bhalla, explores Company Indian Miniatures. This exquisite art form, set in motion in the 16th century, today stands on the verge of extinction in the 21st century, when there is an increased global awareness to save our heritage for future generations. Now, one final time, a few of the remaining artists have come together to create a re- contextualized oeuvre of twenty five exquisite works. Each, based on academic research, is a visual narrative of documented history, highlighting two sophisticated arts – Indian Miniature painting and Textiles.

(2 - 18 April 2019)


Subverting Duchamp, Celebrating Beauty, Reconnecting with Mumbai by Shakti Maira

When a philosopher and contemplative thinker looks at his work created over the years, he finds that he has consciously worked on a thematic discourse of sorts, traversing time and space and materials. Through varied combinations of universal but personally resonant themes, in this landmark retrospective exhibition, Shakti Maira unravels his vision across two definitive decades and a full range of media. Sculptures, paintings, drawings, and scrolls that are placed in dialogue with one another reveal the breadth and consistency of his sensibility after moving back to India in 2001 from the US, and draw us into the world of a solitary genius.

- Uma Nair, Formed in the Crucible of Time

(28 February - 28 March 2019)


Red, Blue & Yellow

Celebrating 19 years of Tao as we go back to primordial palettes and simplistic styles. The primary colours are a significant part of Tao not just as the colours of our logo but also because of its deeper reference to the role the gallery has played as a foundational melting pot for Indian art. The showcase consists mainly of the original masters like Raza, Hussain and Krishen Khanna but also of the next generation big names like Senaka Senanayake, Paresh Maity and Krishnamachari Bose. 

- Sanjana Shah, 2019

(1 - 20 February 2019)



The Geist by Ravi Mandlik

The origin of the universe, the moment of the big bang, the formation of life, the transition from its origin to reality, is what Ravi Mandlik tries to showcase through his paintings. He captures a series of moments, intending on showcasing the dynamics of the formation of nature itself. Nature, forms a strong inspiration, making him explore its existence. He paints the spirit, trying to create simulations of it, which then becomes a reality in and of itself. The spirit is formless as it is constantly in motion. This perpetual state of motion arrives at a frozen conclusion, immortalized through his work. The search is what propels the spirit to move forward and make its existence relevant.

(4 - 24 January 2019)