Red, Blue & Yellow

Celebrating 19 years of Tao as we go back to primordial palettes and simplistic styles. The primary colours are a significant part of Tao not just as the colours of our logo but also because of its deeper reference to the role the gallery has played as a foundational melting pot for Indian art. The showcase consists mainly of the original masters like Raza, Hussain and Krishen Khanna but also of the next generation big names like Senaka Senanayake, Paresh Maity and Krishnamachari Bose. 

- Sanjana Shah, 2019

(1 - 20 February 2019)



The Geist by Ravi Mandlik

The origin of the universe, the moment of the big bang, the formation of life, the transition from its origin to reality, is what Ravi Mandlik tries to showcase through his paintings. He captures a series of moments, intending on showcasing the dynamics of the formation of nature itself. Nature, forms a strong inspiration, making him explore its existence. He paints the spirit, trying to create simulations of it, which then becomes a reality in and of itself. The spirit is formless as it is constantly in motion. This perpetual state of motion arrives at a frozen conclusion, immortalized through his work. The search is what propels the spirit to move forward and make its existence relevant.

(4 - 24 January 2019)