Born in 1954 in Delhi, Arpana has been exhibiting her work since 1974 across the globe. Apart from Delhi, Mumbai, Calcutta, Bangalore and Chennai, the self taught artist has participated in multiple solo shows in galleries and museums across London, Glasgow, Berlin, Amsterdam, Singapore, Munich, New York, Stockholm, and Copenhagen. Today her paintings support several projects for the underprivileged including a leprosy home in Ghaziabad as well as ration projects for poor and old widows.

Her subtle works are known for their distinguished usage of colors, and represent her strong support towards femininity. Despite her diverse subjects, most of Caur’s works ultimately center around portraying women at common place acts such as daydreaming. Caur draws her inspiration from Punjabi literature and Bhakti poetry, which strongly contributes towards the spirituality felt in her works.

She lives and works in Delhi.