A Photography Group Show

Monday, 19th August - Tuesday, 10th September

A photographer captures a moment in time for eternity, and when that image is able to convey ‘the emotion’ captured therein to the viewer, it becomes a work of art. Being deeply passionate about India, it was a pleasure to curate Independent@73  - a show that explores the question of ‘who we are’ through the lenses of the most renowned photographers in our country.

The themes are varied - ranging from celebrating the emerging modern woman to documenting the ever-increasing income divide between the haves and the have nots, showcasing our monumental heritage and modern infrastructure marvels, documenting the power of prayer and issues like the water crisis or transgenders, or simply cherishing our bountiful wildlife and sport.

Photo journalistic and documentary styles share space with fashion photography and portraiture. We hope to take you on a visual journey, to both experience and to own a moment, and an emotion via photography as a medium of art, this World Photography Day. This show is an attempted dialogue between the camera and the audience, evoking many responses and celebrating a sense of true Independence and Freedom of Expression.

Curated by Sapna Kar