Born in 1978, Devdatta Padekar studied at the Sir J.J.School of Art, Mumbai and stood first in the 1999 BFA final exams. He went on to complete his MFA with specialisation in Portraiture from the same institute.

Devdatta’s three prime qualities that he aims to incorporate into his work are simplicity, subtlety and innocence. His work is figurative to a great extent and aims at depicting communication between man and nature. Not surprisingly, therefore, one finds a human figure and a natural element blending together in subtle colours to beautiful effect. He likes to experiment with different surfaces but his preferred medium is oil on canvas.

Devdatta’s style of painting is grounded in strong academicism. Whether is painting portraits or any other subject his keen observation is apparent. He is also a versatile print maker.

Devdatta even as a student has won several awards, chief among them being the Art Society of India’s awards since 1995. The artist currently lives and works in Mumbai.