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Cohesion within Chaos

Monday 10th - Monday 31st December 2018

Originating in 17th century France, the Salon-style hang quickly became a way of bringing art to the masses and breaking down the cultural walls of the older elites. Today, it has become a trend that transcends the worlds of art and interiors, and is especially popular as a means of displaying even the quirkiest of collections. Gallery or Salon-style hanging offers an opportunity to curate the wall differently, allowing one to showcase their creativity with a dramatic flare. It is interesting to observe how much curatorial consistency the juxtaposition of artworks in every medium can bring to a space!

In our show, Cohesion Within Chaos, we try to explore and highlight this beautiful juxtaposition that not only signifies the all-encompassing nature of art, but also welcomes all imperfections, myriad expressions and asymmetrical choices – creating a truly contemporary melting pot. Through this we open the doors to a different world within the gallery space, a world where the past and present, old and new, traditional and modern, come together chaotically to create a combined work of art that can never be ‘too little’ in scale or scope.

- Sanjana Shah, Creative Director


Instagram: @taoartgallery