Born in 1970 in  Tripura, North East, Nanda Das graduated in Fine Arts from Sir J J School of Art, Mumbai in 2001 and subsequently did his masters in 2003. 

The artist does not consider art an indulgence but a vocation to live. The artist draws inspiration from objects and activities in the daily lifestyle around him. His works represent the imperativeness he needs to make any daily activity into an epic moment. Nanda Das generally has a series of paintings depicting regular activities which would generally go unnoticed. The artist chooses photo-realism as a medium of art because the artist wants to show something that cannot be seen with bare eyes. His art can be best described as “hyper- real”. Das paints the canvas with a certain level of detailing as accurate as a photograph. 

Das has participated in many solo and group exhibitions across India. He has participated in multiple  group show titled “Young Call” ( 2005) “Out of the Box 1” (2006), “”Evolve Group Show” (2010), Miniature Format Show (2013), Soldout Skyline (2014) and “Me and My World” (2016). 

The artist lives and works out of Mumbai.