Born in 1945 in Neoli, Uttar Pradesh, India, the eminent artist works with diverse mediums including, gouache, oil, ceramics, sculpture, graphic print, jewellery and weaving. Keeping women as the subject of her artwork, Gogi tries to convey the “ inner life of a woman” in a relatively realistic and clearer manner. The artist’s paintings are like a mirror held up to society, showing the disparity in relationships between the sexes and  designed to exhibit the vicissitudes of a woman's life.

She completed her education from the College of Art in Vanasthali, Rajasthan and from the College of Art in Lucknow. She has won multiple  awards such as the Cleveland Drawing Biennial, National Award in painting by Lalit Kala Akademi (1990), International Biennial of Plastic Arts at Algiers (1987), Sanskriti Award (1980) and many more.

Gogi lives and works out of Delhi.