Vijay Shinde: Retrospective

Thursday 6 to Tuesday 25 September.

Vijay Shinde’s works are a dichotomy. The chaos of his abstract strokes is pitted against a calmer more meditative undertone. This layered interpretation is characteristic to Shinde’s approach to his art. In his words, "I enjoy communicating with the canvas without any predefined notions or ideas. The quest for eternal truth has always been the singular force behind my works. I look to discover the ultimate, the divine force that drives us. It is invisible yet omnipresent in our lives”. The fascination with these larger spiritual themes of heaven and earth, life and death, and the fundamental question of existence dominates the works chosen for this show. Just as he had preferred to let his works be untitled so that the viewer could have the freedom of perception, we leave this show untitled and as a dedication to his life-long attempts to to keep discovering. 

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Art Workshop: Monochrome Still Life Oil Painting 

Create your own monochromatic still life oil painting and better your understanding of colour value and composition. Furthermore develop your creative growth and expression.

Time:   11 am - 1:30 pm
Date:   Sunday, 2nd September
Age:  10 - 75 years
Fees:  3000/-
Venue:   Tao Art Gallery

To Register please contact Tao Art Gallery: 
+91 (22) 24918585/8686 | info@taoartgallery.com