Neeraj Goswami - A Solo Show

Friday 16th - Friday 30th November 2018

'The yearning of a soul and its need to find solitude and peace amidst the chaotic turmoil that is life is what my art is all about. I believe that truth lies in the moment...’
- Neeraj Goswami

Abstract art, in the West, mainly grew out of the need to develop a personalised image of spiritual feelings that, in its core, is essentially formless. Neeraj’s art is similar to this style. For him subjects do not matter as much as a complete visual form and the visual experience of that form.

Spirituality in its core, is uniquely personal and conceptually abstract. Neeraj has successfully found a way to incorporate his feelings in terms of pictorial metaphor. In his own words, "Out of the need to express, I pour myself on the canvas space and forms emerge from the deep source within. The canvas space reverberates with the shapes emerging and vibrating in a melodious manner. They emerge and evolve in space and together they create vivid rhythms and a unique musical composition, which can be felt visually through the eyes"

In the art of Neeraj Goswami we find a mirror at work. Instead of reflecting the image, this mirror, however adds another dimension to the images reflected from the surface of his mind, which aims to attain the spiritual bliss that one should always aim for.


Instagram: @taoartgallery