Subverting Duchamp, Celebrating Beauty, Reconnecting with Mumbai by Shakti Maira

Thursday, 28th February to Thursday, 28th March

When a philosopher and contemplative thinker looks at his work created over the years, he finds that he has consciously worked on a thematic discourse of sorts, traversing time and space and materials. Through varied combinations of universal but personally resonant themes, in this landmark retrospective exhibition, Shakti Maira unravels his vision across two definitive decades and a full range of media. Sculptures, paintings, drawings, and scrolls that are placed in dialogue with one another reveal the breadth and consistency of his sensibility after moving back to India in 2001 from the US, and draw us into the world of a solitary genius.

- Uma Nair, Formed in the Crucible of Time


Instagram: @taoartgallery