Jaideep’s genesis to the art world was a solo exhibition at the age of 13. This elicited a parallel career of business and painting up to 1983, when he embraced painting as his solitary profession.

In the course of 40 years plus, he evolved a unique style, starting out with surrealistic works in Oils, Acrylics and cast resin sculptures. With the advent of his introduction to the computer, he pioneered the use of the digital art in the country, diversely creating Giclee’ prints, site-specific installations, and Video art.

With the various linguistic games that run in the mind of this traveller, explorer and sharp socio-political commentator, the artworks rarely inspire moderate responses. This is one signal of the importance of his achievement, focusing on some of the most unexpected objects as models for his art.  In an oxymoronic relationship with the work, he explores visually the quality of the medium, allowing the message to sidle into the mind while observing a seemingly benign work of art.

The artist lives and works out of Mumbai.