Born in Mumbai, Kalpana is a self-taught Artist, Collector and Curator.  Being a passionate connoisseur with a keen eye for contemporary art, she had already amassed a considerable private collection when she set up the prestigious Tao Art Gallery in the heart of Mumbai in the year 2000. The gallery showcases Indian Contemporary Art and has played host to the solo shows of Indian Masters along with promoting the more young, upcoming artists. Kalpana has also personally curated numerous shows of renowned artists in India as well as internationally in New York, London, Tokyo and Singapore. In January 2007 she went on to start the Tao Art Foundation, an organisation that actively donates funds to the cause of art, culture and humanity.

The year 2008 marked her breakthrough as an artist with the creation of her own signature style of knife-work acrylic art on canvas. Since then she has had multiple solo shows in Mumbai, New Delhi, Ahmedabad, and Kolkata. M.F. Hussain was one of the first to recognise and appreciate her style and was also one of her first buyers.

Today her works are resplendent on the walls of many esteemed homes and buildings in the city and even abroad in prestigious locations like the Patek Philippe showroom on Bond Street, London. She remains extremely passionate about promoting the arts through her philanthropic endeavours in the gallery and spends all her remaining free hours painting.