Born in 1961, in Allahabad, Sanjay Kumar studied painting from College of Art and Craft, Patna University.

Holding a strong belief that man is nature’s penultimate creation, Sanjay portrays , in his work,  man swinging between two extremes traits- the bright positive side and the dark negative side. There is a strong relationship between colors and the people’s personality conveyed in his work. Expressing these deep thoughts using a limited  color palette, the artist has tried to add drama to his oeuvre through emphatic facial expressions painted by him. The artist considers his artwork to be semi-abstractive rather than figurative, that revolves around multiple themes and different moments. His surrealistic compositions are conveyed across multiple mediums such as canvas, archival paper, wood and marble.

The artist has been a recipient of multiple awards such as  Research Grant by Lalit Kala Academy (1992-1993) and gold medal for Youth festival by Govt. of Bihar (1985). Strongly associated with our gallery, his works have been displayed at our group show titled “Faces” (2008) as well as at our Anniversary Show titled Evolve (2010) and Synergy (2012).

The artist works and lives out of Mumbai.