Qadri’s lush & transcendent works of dye on paper recall the palette and spiritual cornucopia of India, Qadri’s homeland. The rhythmic movements of ‘color energies’ are conveyed within the repeating patterns of dots and striations that undulate across the paper. Rich dyes of ochre, cerulean, crimson, or saffron transform the surfaces of each work into effulgent pools from which the eye cannot look away. Qadri was exposed to Sufism, Hinduism and the Sikh religion when growing up in India. His art is informed by and an important practice of his spiritual path- particularly as a part of Vajrayana Buddhism, with which he remains involved to this day. Qadri has held over forty one-man shows throughout the world. His works are in the National Gallery of Modern Art in New Delhi; the Peabody Essex Museum in Essex, Massachusetts; as well as in the private collections of Dr. Robert Thurman and Heinrich Böll.